Lee Law



Myndee M. Lee and Charles D. Lee are lawyers and principals in Lee Law LLC. Together they bring decades of successful legal experience and knowledge to their practice. The firm counsels clients on corporate issues and business transactions and provides experienced representation in litigation matters with a track record of success. Myndee and Charles are partners in law and partners in life.

Myndee’s strategic approach is to function as a cost saving alternative to in-house general counsel. She works with for-profit and not-for-profit business clients, assisting them with contract review, legal guidance on issues specific to their industry and employment law matters. Myndee also handles commercial and agribusiness litigation. She and Charles most recently worked together to secure a jury verdict in excess of 2.2 million dollars, affirmed on appeal, for an agribusiness client in a contract dispute against a Kansas grain cooperative. 

Charles has worked in private practice and as general counsel for an international trade association. In private practice he has successfully prosecuted and defended high stakes litigation and advised companies in a host of business transactions including mergers and acquisition. He has also for many years served as an arbitrator for the American Arbitration Association.

As an author once observed, “It was one thing to make a mistake; it was another thing to keep making it.” Business legal issues are frequently complex and beyond the ordinary experience of many successful entrepreneurs. Though one may learn from the consequences of a poorly drafted contract or a deal gone bad, the lesson learned may be expensive and sometimes an existential threat to your business. We can provide legal guidance to you and your business before you suffer those consequences. 

Contact Myndee myndee@leelawlimited.com or Charles chuck@leelawlimited.com today to learn how they can assist you and your business.

Recently empty nesters, Myndee and Charles have been in the Kansas City area since 2013, where they seem to pamper their rescue dogs, Daisy the Border Collie/Lab mix and Nester the Yorkie. When not practicing law, they enjoy running, traveling, cooking and flailing at DIY projects.