Is hiring a lawyer a good investment for my business? I don’t want attorney fees to break me!

Most businesses would not consider operating without insurance, but it is not unusual to speak to small business owners who have convinced themselves that they cannot afford good legal counsel. A good lawyer can help you prevent costly mistakes before they occur. While it is true that not every item that crosses your desk needs the skill of a lawyer to decipher, there are some actions or transactions where handling the matter yourself could subject you to unanticipated liability.

Lawyers do not just put out fires or defend lawsuits. You need a lawyer to provide good counsel so that fires and expensive lawsuits can be avoided. Hiring a lawyer does not guarantee you will never be sued, but a lawyer can negotiate on your behalf, communicate with government agencies, research applicable laws, provide counsel and assist with transactions- all things that are important to ensure you can concentrate on running your business and not spend valuable time dealing with legal matters.

There is value in good legal counsel and legal services are not free, but at the same time you need expense predictability. To that end, I will work with you to determine the most cost-effective way to ensure your interests are protected. I offer a reasonable billable hour rate, flat fee rates and monthly fixed fees.