I don’t like lawyers. How are you different?

I’m sorry to hear you don’t like lawyers. Some of my favorite people are lawyers! Even so, I understand. We all know, and have probably laughed at, the lawyer jokes.

Q. What do lawyers use for birth control?

A. Their personalities.

I was pleased to be profiled and afforded an opportunity to talk about my practice in the November edition of SimplyKC magazine. The article is here  SimplyKC.

As I mention in the article, you may have heard of or encountered lawyers who don’t return calls or seem to always be in a meeting, or about lawyers charging exorbitant legal fees. Perhaps you have dealt with an ex-spouse’s lawyer who just didn’t seem that friendly.

Hiring a lawyer is an important decision, and a lawyer should not be offended if you ask for referrals or inquire as to his or her experience level. In addition, you should be comfortable working with your lawyer and by all means, you should be able to communicate with your lawyer.

I would be delighted to earn your business, and if the match seems less than perfect I am happy to refer you to another lawyer who may be a better fit.