Client Experiences

Selecting an attorney is an important decision. Every case is different, and no attorney can guarantee you a positive outcome. What I can guarantee is that I will make your case a priority, I will be accessible, I will keep you informed, and I will be prepared.

“I will never hire anyone other than Myndee for family law matters! Myndee represented me in a complicated child support modification case. Not only does she know the family law code inside and out, but she’s a tough negotiator when necessary. I had a lot of anxiety about my case, but she always put my mind at ease by explaining the process and likely outcome. I’ll never use anyone else for family law needs. I’ve had other lawyers before in this same case and they are just in it for financial gain. Myndee is not like that – she truly wants to help you and get you the best deal possible.” – James
“Myndee was there for me through all the twists and turns of a difficult divorce. She knows the ropes and will be honest about what is achievable in settlement. Myndee represented me through my divorce case with compassion as well as strength and knowledge of the law. Not only did she provide the legal support, but was there to offer insight and emotional support. She is definitely not a “bargain” attorney. She represents her clients very well without causing them more stress about financing an attorney. You cannot go wrong with Myndee Lee as your attorney.” – Lynn
“I found Lee Law LLC on Thumbtack and was delighted to meet Myndee and understand her approach to representing me in my divorce case. Her extensive corporate and trial experience put me at ease in regard to my high stakes position in this matter. For a small fixed fee, I found Myndee’s representation to be very comprehensive and responsive. She is commanding in the court room and always prepared. She was always willing to listen and give sound advice through highly intense, emotional situations. I highly recommend the service and representation of Lee Law LLC to anyone looking for great legal representation at a reasonable rate.” – Julie
“Needing an attorney to represent my interests in my divorce case, I was fortunate to find Mrs. Lee’s legal service on Thumbtack, Inc. From our initial consultation meeting, Mrs. Lee has been very personable, insightful, and also very professional. She greatly assisted me to better understand the legal status of my situation, provided several potential options for moving forward, and has continually kept me well informed with detailed and easy to understand communication throughout the process. As a result of my very positive experience, I’d strongly recommend that anyone needing legal representation should contact Myndee at Lee Law LLC. I think, as I’ve been, you’ll be very impressed and well served.” – David A.
“A microburst tore off part of the roof on our new home. We had lived in it for only 172 days. The insurance company said here’s $70,000 just wipe it down and it will be fine. We knew there was extensive ‘unseen damage’ that this figure would not even begin to cover. Both of us worked full time and needed someone to represent us so we contacted Myndee. She was not only a great lawyer, but a great mental health counselor during this unsettling time. Several months later she handed us a check for several hundred thousand dollars—the cost to rebuild and to cover our re-location expenses during our displacement. We now use her for all our legal business. Hire her. You will not be disappointed.”  – Brian E. Davis
“Our companies are involved in sophisticated business transactions and have combined sales of 80 million dollars. Throughout the years we have engaged a local attorney to act as our general counsel. We have been fortunate to have engaged several outstanding attorneys over the years. Currently Myndee serves our needs. She has very capably represented us in relation to significant business and litigation matters including loan negotiations and closings, lease reviews, mechanics lien litigation and general corporate business matters. Myndee’s skill and experience in negotiating litigation and business matters has saved us money.” – Phil Hammond, Real Estate and Financial Management, Genesh, Inc., and The Road Inc.
“Ms. Lee is an exceptional lawyer. I immediately felt confident in her ability to support my case. She went above and beyond gathering the information needed to defend my situation. I was always kept informed and updated and she is quick to respond to communication. She is compassionate, empathetic and friendly yet commanding in the courtroom. 5 STARS all around for Ms. Lee!” – Anne D.
“The adoption agency hired Ms. Lee to do all of our contractual oversight and streamline our adoption processes. She selflessly gave of her time to insure many children found their forever families. We were also fortunate to have Ms. Lee’s leadership as President of the agency. This was a critical time for the agency as we had many babies waiting to come home during the Guatemala shutdown. Ms. Lee worked around the clock to ensure we were able to bring every child home. Also, during her tenure as President, we received the coveted Hague accreditation. This achievement would not have been possible without Ms. Lee’s tireless efforts and experience.”  – Teri R. Moss, Executive Director of Shiloh Adoptions, 2006-2010.