The Firm

Things to know about my practice model.

With more than 15 years of experience assisting families and businesses, I look forward to working with you. My business model allows you to have the highest quality legal services at a fee that is more in line with your budget. When you retain Lee Law, LLC you are paying for my legal expertise and services. You are not paying for my expertise plus expensive overhead. It just makes sense.

One of the reasons I went to law school is to help others. It is my passion and what makes me happy. I recognize that legal fees can be crippling to clients and add to the stress of an already emotionally charged situation. I knew, after more than a decade of practicing law the traditional way, that there had to be a better solution.

I don’t want you to have the representation you can afford; I want you to have the representation you deserve. That is why I established Lee Law, LLC.

Most of my work is done in my home office. I meet with clients and when necessary schedule negotiations, expert witness meetings, depositions, and other matters at a conference room in Deer Creek Woods located at 7381 W. 133rd St., Overland Park, Kansas 66213. It is a beautiful, professional building where I have access to either a small conference room, or a very formal large conference room. For my small business clients, I am happy to meet at your place of business or at Deer Creek Woods. You can rest assured that my business model of being a solopreneur will not create a disadvantage for you or your case. Practicing in this way allows me to offer my services at a lower cost because I am not paying thousands of dollars a month on staff and bricks and mortar. *

I invite you to contact me so we can discuss how you can put Lee Law, LLC to work for you.

* Do you know what goes into a typical law firm bill? Overhead! According to the 2012 survey of law firm economics in small firms with 1 to 9 lawyers 53% of gross receipts (money paid in) goes to overhead. In firms of 10 to 24 lawyers, 59.1% of gross receipts goes to overhead. Overhead includes the building, furniture, staff and paralegals, equipment, marketing, reference materials, etc.